How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Business and Earn Money

How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Business and Earn Money

How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Business and Earn Money


How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Business and Earn Money

If you possess sincere interest in technological niche and want to grow a career in IT, web hosting business can be an excellent opportunity to reap profitable income for the lifetime. Many enthusiasts have put in their hard efforts and earning stable income out of their own web hosting business by leveraging very little investment. If you are a novice to the concept, herein is a guide to start this business and earn money online.


What is Web Hosting Business?
You do not need to open a new web hosting company with all the bulk setup to start a web hosting business. There are two ways you can conduct web hosting services-

  1. Subscribe to a reseller or dedicated server package from a reputed company and allow your customers to use the available bandwidth and space to host their websites on your package using co-location facilities
  2. Use your own hardware to provide continued web hosting support using a dedicated server package you have subscribed with some big web hosting company


Basic Requirements

  • Network Server
  • Control Panel
  • Processor
  • Hard Disk
  • Continuous electricity supply supported by generator
  • Software support
  • Technical Staff


The first requirement for starting a web hosting business is the server to provide hosting space for client websites. If you want to conduct everything from your own place, then it will take some investment on the hardware setup, electricity supply, generator support etc. This is a matter of great investment. An easy option for the startups aiming to negotiate a long term contact with original hosting company can opt for co-location to avoid hassles and guarantee umpteen service support and uptime guarantee.


Control Panel
In order to regulate the daily hosting administration operations, you will require a good quality control panel. Some popular Control Panel options include cPanel, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere etc.


Operating System
You can choose from Linux and Windows operating system for hosting service requirements. Linux is a convenient option in this case giving you access to several free tools and software systems. There are several reputed companies offering affordable security enhancements at reasonable prices. Compared to Linux, the Windows is more expensive to install with requisite software support. However, there are several advantages of using Windows OS. The platform gives you the facility to set up complex security features, very essential for corporate organizations, security agencies etc.


Technical Support
The client website requires constant monitoring for sudden rise in traffic volume, technical failure, security breaches and much more. If you are not using the co-location, then you will require an efficient team of technical staff to monitor all these aspects. You can hire your own staff or assign the task to any reputed company.


Legal Contracts
Before you start offering hosting packages to any of your clients, it is important to establish a legal contract to avoid problems later. You can custom create your legal document from online sources such as Always ensure that the person establishing and signing the legal contract is at least 18 years of age or above. For best practices, consult a lawyer to establish foolproof contract with your customers.


Promoting a Web Hosting Business
Your web hosting business must have optimal online presence so that the interested customers can visit your website to place an order for subscription package. While selling your packages, it will be necessary to drive attention of the customers to the facilities that your hosting services can bestow compared to other service providers.


Google Adwords:
One of the best places to advertise your web hosting business is Google Adwords. The spectrum will give you the opportunity to promote your business to customers worldwide. Since, the web hosting business has nothing to do with the physical location of the service provider or the customer; you will be able to get sufficient leads within a short span of time. If you are looking for low cost promotional strategies, then leveraging some investment on digital marketing, keyword optimization can be worthy decision.

Local Advertising:
You can prepare a list of local businesses with poor website performance especially slow speed. Try to take a professional approach through official appointment to offer your hosting services. It is good to meet them in person to offer a better understanding of the package features and other opportunities. Before heading for a meeting, make sure you have explanation to the different client queries that may come your way.


Dedicated Server or Reseller Hosting-Which is Right Subscription Package for Web Hosting Business
The dedicated server web hosting can be extremely costly for a new start up business. When you start, there may not be enough clients or requirement of a dedicated server. You can very well start with a basic reseller hosting package. Depending on the requirement, there will be options to switch to another package with more facilities. When you visit the official website of web hosting service provider, you will find different subscription plans. Choose the plan that best suits your budget and requirements.


Who Can Start Web Hosting Business
Anyone with some knowledge in IT and great interest in working with computers can start the web hosting business with little investment. Those who already own one or two websites can also start this business. This will help them to run their own website free, earn some passive income by inviting clients to host their website on your plan.

Summing Up.
Aspiring enthusiasts can start their own web hosting business with a domain name and a reseller web hosting package. However, it is important to note that you need to maintain a systematic approach and put in some serious efforts to achieve success and continue earning money year after year. Many people fail in this business due the lack of proper knowledge and misappropriation of resources. It is worth dedicating some time into the research when choosing the reseller hosting package, the requirements and other regulations. A positive attitude and mindset can help you achieve success in the web hosting business.

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